Happy Clients

I work hard to make every client feel special and enjoy an amazing dining experience whether it is dinner at home with your family, a special occasion or catering a small event.  

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about Enjoy Dining In:

 “Chris you did an amazing job at catering our business event, thank you! By outsourcing the catering to you I was able to focus on the clients and enjoy the peace of mind that the luncheon would be taken care of. The food was delicious … and healthy of course, everyone raved about it. I will most certainly use you for our future events! Thank you”

Colm Kelly
Do Business Smarter

“It was so great to come home after a busy day and know there was a delicious, nutritious hot meal ready for my family and I didn’t have to shop,  cook or clean up! Your service certainly lives up to it’s name,  we totally Enjoyed Dining In! “

B. Powderly

 “Chris @ Enjoy Dining In catered our sit down dinner wedding reception of 30 guests.  The service was smooth and professional and the food was fantastic… the lamb and roasted chicken with Mediterranean dips, salads and flat bread were so delicious and unique everyone enjoyed the intimate dinner! Thank you so much for stepping in and making our wedding celebration memorable!”

Kyla Haber


“I hired Chris for my husband’s 84th dinner party.  The Kofta kebobs were wonderful with all of the side dishes.  He loved it.  And the French custard cake w/plum compote & cream  wow it was so good! Thank You.”

Marilyn Perkov

Orange County

“Thank you for making our  3rd dinner party with you as our chef so memorable.  I have friends who need alternatives to wheat, beans, and dairy.  We love hummus but can’t tolerate garbanzo beans.  Her roasted zucchini  tahini dip was as good if not better.  The food was gourmet, healthy and customized for all of us.  Everyone was so pleased.  Can’t wait til our next dinner party with Enjoy Dining In!”

Ursula Dobelmann

San Diego

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  1. Thank you Chris for making my son’s rehearsal dinner a memorable experience. The food was delicious and plentiful…even for the 50+ guests that we had. You allowed me to enjoy the guests while you took care of everything else. We could not be happier that we hired you for our special event!

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