This Year Valentines could be an Ongoing Affair

shutterstock_44304751As much as I like to cook, even more I love it when someone cooks for me.  Being invited to someone’s home where a beautiful meal has been prepared and thought out for the guests is such a treat.  For many of us home is still a place of work, especially if you are raising children.  “Holding down the fort” so that your loved one can go out into the world and make a living, is a real service to the family.  And if both partners are working coming home and cooking too is not always desirable.  More often than not grabbing some take home or popping a frozen meal in the oven or microwave becomes the habit. When I was a young mother, having dinner handled by a skilled chef who understood what foods my family liked, in the comfort of my own home without having to lift a finger, was the sweetest gift I ever received.

This Valentine’s imagine at the end of the day you came home from work or from picking the kids up from school, soccer, dance lessons….you walked into your home and the aroma of dinner filled the house. Imagine the gift of a custom dinner once a week for your family without having to shop, cook or clean up.

This Valentines imagine an exquisite, intimate dinner in the comfort of your own home.  A menu custom designed for you and your sweet heart.  Imagine your home being the setting for a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace, wine and fine food all served to you while you relax without having to drive anywhere or deal with the noise and bustle of a restaurant.

Valentine’s evening is not the only time to shower your lover with gifts.  This year Valentine’s could be an ongoing affair.  Weekly family meals, an intimate dinner once a month, a dinner party prepared and served just for you  and your friends…while you are spending your day off relaxing…..the gift of fine memories & of fine dining that help slow down the fast pace of the work week.

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