Couple Berry Farm, Our Source for Sustainable Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Couple Berry Farm is the best kept secret in Vista, Ca.  When I moved here, I had no idea there was a 6 acre sustainable farm just down the street from me!  As a personal chef I was thrilled.  Butch the owner and operator of that farm produces some of the best greens I’ve ever had and varieties I have never heard of like Purple Mazuna.  This is a cross between a baby Kale & baby Arugula, which he also has.  The Purple Mazuna is an heirloom mustard that has a bite to it like horseradish.  It is a beautiful brownish green leaf w/ purple highlights….this is one of my favorites.  Last winter Butch had over 20 varieties of sustainable vegetables and fruits.

I asked Butch how the farm got it’s name.  His grandson when he was 2 used to love to go out and pick berries with his grandfather.  Butch would call to him, “Come on let’s go outside and pick a couple of  berries!”  One day his grandson came up to him and said: “Grandpa let’s go get us some couple berries.”   After that they just called the black berries they grow, “Couple Berries”.  And the name stuck!

Last week I was there and bought some artichokes that are so tender and delicious.  Cut those babies in half, marinate them in olive oil. lemon juice salt and pepper for 4 hours and bake them @375 for 60 minutes then broil  them for 15 minutes tossing them  to crisp them a bit.  Serve with mayo & aioli mustard sauce! Soooooo Goooood!

Couple Berry Farm is located just south of the 78 off of Mar Vista road. 629 Mar Vista, Ca 92081.  Just follow the signs on your right you can’t miss it.  He is open Thursdays & Fridays 1-5 and Saturday 9-5. Go to his website:


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